We build embedded solutions for energy production, delivery, storage and processing.

Relying on the realisation, both in Italy and abroad, of hundreds of electrical systems, primary and secondary electrical rooms and elevators, we show our calling towards plant and system building with a view of a broader productive diversification.

Synergy between the well-established know how in the sectors of semiconductors and energy allows us to design and find turnkey solutions for energy production and innovative hybrid systems able to combine different energy sources to constantly provide off grid energy.

We’re proud to have been the main actors in the tasks for enhancing the primary electrical room that provided feeding to the users at the EXPO 2015 in Milan for A2A Eletrical Grids.

Electrical energy

Meridionale Impianti activities in the field of electricity include the “turnkey” supply of electrical plants:

– Electrical energy transfer and delivery plants
– Electricity generating plants
– Electricity generating plants from renewable sources

Specific services for this area:

Audit and electrical stations design, project design, VHV/HV, HV/MV primary electrical rooms building, MV/LV secondary electrical rooms, command protection and local control systems, remote control, civil works, overhead and underground lines building, HV/MV wires supply and setup, turnkey photovoltaic plants (EPC Contractor), energy management, energy audit, energy performance certificates for buildings, assistance and maintenance services.

Solar and wind energy


MI Solar, already successful in standard photovoltaic installations, now invests in high concentration solar thermic and wind sectors.

In particular, it addresses to the rapidly growing niche of low power small-scale wind machines, aiming at the development of a 30 kW turbine of its own production.

Production includes products and provision services of turnkey photovoltaic plants:

  • innovative photovoltaic module with staggered double-glazing glass, insulated and waterproof
  • high efficiency photovoltaic modules, with standard or colored cells
  • single-phase photovoltaic inverters of 3kW and 6Kw, 10kW for the three-phase ones
  • GSM devices that monitor the produced energy by the photovoltaic plants
  • string control and produced energy optimization devices
  • power maximisation devices
  • consulting services for the choice of implantation sites
  • residential and industrial photovoltaic plants installation
  • structural and civil engineering
  • certification and energy optimization for plants and buildings
  • EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction) supply
  • energy retrieval from industrial wastes

Other services

  • Control systems
  • Electric energy transfer and distribution
  • Power plants
  • HV/MV/LV substations
  • Control and protection systems (local and remote)
  • Overhead and underground lines
  • MV/LV electrical rooms