We lead the world of of highly technological and innovative sartorial plant building.

Grown in the area of services and products for the semiconductors, pharmaceutical, chemical and energy industry, within diversified and challenging international environments, Meridionale Impianti exploited its know-how to the fullest.

High added value technologies and engineering have been going hand in hand for many years and allowed, in the Internet of Things era, to generate value in a microchip filled market, making MI the reference point for a network of companies that work in the hi-tech field.

The Directorate General, supported by a high level managerial staff and highly specialised personnel, has been constantly investing in human capital, research and innovation, instruments and equipment, contributing to the success of a company that operates in markets of high technological content.

Meridionale Impianti Today

  • is an SpA with a fully paid-up share capital of 30.000.000 euros

  • is in the lead of  a network of 15 companies

  • shows a team made by over 500 talents and excellencies in every area of engineerings
  • has been having an average turnover of about 45 millions euros in the last decade
  • owns operative quarters in USA, Chile, Morocco, Singapore, France

  • leads the high Technology District Etna Valley that brings together about 150 ICT companies across the Sicily

  • acts as a mentor for the SEVEN company network, operating in the field of technologies for energy and innovation

  • is certified for providing ESCO services (Energy Saving Company) thanks to the gained skills and the financial soundness.