The Global Maintenance Service ensures prompt interventions, just in time management of spare parts and thorough reports.

Meridionale Impianti provides global maintenance of its customers plants, relieving him from such a demanding task, so he can focus on his main business. The multidisciplinary maintenance activity is ensured by pros with skills that include the main sectors and specialization necessary for the hi-tech industrial plants maintenance.
Thanks to the integrated services it’s feasible to manage gas and chemicals delivery plants, Preemptive, Predictive and Industrial Facility Fault Maintenance, industrial cleaning, gardening and sanitization.

The company provides maintenance services for the following industrial systems:

  • Gas systems (bulk gas, gas cabinets)
  • FMCS (supervision systems, HVAC regulation, environmental emissions analysis)
  • Water treatment plants (UPW, WWT, biological)
  • Analysis and chemical treatment of technological waters
  • Air treatment plants (scrubber, centralized conditioning, freezers)
  • Mechanical and hydraulic plants (pumps, motors, fans, extractors)
  • Electrical plants (MV and LV)
  • Antiscavalcamento plants and TVCC
  • Access control systems and presence detection

Having a common handler for any problematic tied to the maintenance of the industrial facilites means having a common interface to interact with, lowering the need to coordinate the various activities, the overlapping of work and thus management costs. By keeping unchanged the productive activity, Meridionale Impianti guarantees prompt interventions, with “just in time” management of spare parts and accurate reports on interventions. The resource optimization, assets and investments reduction translates to a noticeable reduction of business cost for the client.
The management strong organizational capacity and the decenniel experience of its personnel has accrued within the very productive facilities of the titans of the semiconductors industry.