We design, develop, build and install innovative products of high technological value.


Thanks to research and development activities, a highly specialized technical office equipped with cutting-edge instruments and technologies, we design, develop, build and install products that integrate and complete the functionality of plants and systems for the hi-tech industry and semiconductors.

Technological skills and know-how guarantee high quality standards and maximum safety and reliability of the products, that meet many and varied needs tied to the technological productivity processes and industrial and civil facility distribution.

Starting from specific requests, the division comes up with tailored solutions in the mechanical field, by designing and developing systems and machinery that simplify the productive processes and boost their efficiency.

Clean Room

Numerous productive and research processes require operative conditions to be met in controlled contamination areas, and of particular temperature and humidity conditions especially in the hi-tech industry, semiconductors, pharmaceutical and aerospace sectors.
Meridionale Impianti has been designing and installing plants for over 30 years all across the world:
– controlled particle contamination areas, white rooms or transversal or vertical flux clean rooms;
– controlled microbiological contamination areas, biology and chemistry labs.
The area is locked-down and served by an ad-hoc HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition) air handling plant and a particular filtration plant, so to prevent dust and microrganisms to get through from outside. Technical solutions and air filtering and contamination control systems comply with the most stringent international rules in terms of hygiene, safety and quality.
In order to ensure high production standards, other than the design, Meridionali Impianti is directly responsible for both the installation, made by a qualified staff), and the construction of various components, done in proper workshops.
The turnkey solutions are finalised by an assistance, maintenance and remote support service.
Clean rooms are designed and produced on the basis of specific customer’s requests, in accordance with the national legislation ISO 14644-1 and with the american legislation US FED STD 209 E, that defines their features and purity classes.


Photovoltaic panels


Meridionale Impianti produces an anti-conventional staggered double-glazed glass photovoltaic module for the architectural integration in building with pitched roofs and/or industrial factories replacing concrete mix and/or eternit domes, for energy production systems from a photovoltaic source.
The invention consists of a photovoltaic module specifically made to make simple and architecturally embeddable a photovoltaic system installed in place of building shelterings, giving impermeability and thermic insulation for the system, without using special mechanic components.
The state of the art relating to the integrated photovoltaic systems architecturally replacing building shelterings consists in the presence on the market of standard photovoltaic modules and/or double-glazing that, to be able to be installed in place of a sheltering, require the usage of special components (like mechanical structures and custom-made accessories that guarantee the impermeability of the system as a whole.

Meridionale Impianti N° CT2012A000004 patent

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More products


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