We turned into an Energy Service Company so to put forth our experience and our strengths for the sake of sustainability.


Meridionale Impianti is a UNI CEI 11352 certified ESCO that offers services, know-how and design capabilities for energy efficiency, drawing on its skillset and experience gained in the field of hi-tech industrial plants.

The ESCO business unit pursues and proposes acts of improvement intended to reduce energy demand and to improve efficiency in plant operations for the energy-hungry clients (industry, public administration real estate managers and residential users).

The interventions aimed at reducing primary energy consumption, end services being equal, are designed, carried out and handled while taking full responsibility of the outcome for the clients (through signing Energy Performance Contracts).

  • Energetic refurbishment

  • Energy savings

  • Rational use of energy

  • On-site generation


  • Energy efficiency


  • Audit

We operate along the entire efficiency chain: from the energy audit (allows to identify the chances for energy savings) to the White Certificates management, from telemetering (allows to monitor and check the expenditures) to the development, implementation and management of energy solutions with performance guarantee agreements, up until the creation of tailor made procedures for rational energy usage.

All the interventions provide for the partial or total funding of the solution, via share saving type contracts. The intervention business plan is built on the achievable energy savings and the associated White Certificates, thus allowing the client to obtain a direct saving from the very first year of the efficiency intervention realization.


 Design Executive Operational
Energy Energy analysis and feasibility study (Technical/Economical) Building system and plant upgrade Plant operations (Metering, Energy, Mgmt)
Finance Financial model research Project funding White Certificates
Environment Carbon Footprint (CO2)

Architectural and local environmental elements

Environmental compatibility


A future of benefits

In the current management model the costs of supplies. management and plant maintenance are unknown, while in the contractual scenario where MI is acting as a partner they become clear and comprehensible, thanks to clever and technological optimization strategies.
The minimisation of costs for buying energy carriers goes in tandem with the reduction of CO2 emissions, notoriously harmful for the environment.

We develop and integrate next generation technologies to achieve important objectives of energy saving.

A brilliant industrial extraction design team guarantees the development and integration of next generation techs and, as part of a complex and complete strategy, the company leads management and maintenance activities so that it can offer a well-rounded energy service.

Self produced hardware and software systems allow us the real-time remote management of both production and consumption facilites. Supervision and control systems are based on the systematic usage readings, the input data elaboration and the in-field implementation of the properly revised commands with a view of energy efficiency through specific algorithms.

We’re able to build and maintain the entire HW and SW framework needed in order to allow a bidirectional communication between the plants and the operation center. To do that we act as a system integrator for the client, where monitoring systems are already present.

Specifically, our ESCO engineers and implements BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) of automation, monitoring of consumptions and plant controlling, aiming at a wise usage of energy, energetic efficiency and efficient management of the maintenance. Part of this is achieved via the definition of specific KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that are compared to threshold values, and that make it possible to estimate the efficiency level of the energy plants in respect to the relative production outputs.

Fields of application are multiple: from the photovoltaic plants public lighting to the co-generation, warming and loads management. Our experts develop and propose an architecture that allows to create algorithms and models tailored to specific inputs.

A groundbreaking number of Smart Cities

We’re on the lead when it comes to integrate design, development, management, financing and enterprise networking skills so to offer scalable and embeddable solutions, exploiting relationships with all the players: public entities, technologies and services suppliers, utilities, credit institutions.

Our Smart Cities are useful to the city and the citiziens, are sustainable, bring considerable advantages to the government, the utilites, service managers and enterprises that foster compliance to best practices and positive behaviours.