We bet on unexpected ideas and technologies with a future, without prejudices towards those ideas that seem impossible.


An important part of our activity is dedicated to research and development of innovative technologies to apply to products and services, or to employ in order to create new ones, or to optimize and evolve production processes.
A significant percentage of production value is for the research, development and ideation of new technologies for the environmental sustainability in the fields of energy availability, urban logistic, hydrogeological instability.
The acquired skills over time allowed to develop projects and prototypes in many technological fields: from microelectronics to semiconductors, from renewable energy to medicine.



Equipped with instrumentation and professionality of absolute excellence, the nanotech laboratory is the point of reference for our cutting edge research activity.




Inside the laboratory we carry out experimental studies and scientific researches oriented to the development of new products and innovative solutions in the field of energy applied electronics.


Assembling and testing

The testing phase, crucial for the ultimate quality of the products and the implemented systems, is carried out in specialised laboratories and equipped with workbenches with fixtures.


The research and development activity made it possible to devise and create innovative plants and systems patented as inventions.

1) Plants for the retrieval of the hydrogen contained in the epitaxial reactors exhaust gases

  • Italian patent N. Ct2007a000027 del 30/11/2007
  • European patent N.09156439.3 del 27/03/2009
  • Singapore patent N. 2009022154-4 del 27/03/2009
  • Malaysia patent N. pi20091252 del 27/03/2009

2) System and metod for the retrieval and exploitation of solvents or alcohols exhausted through the production of synthesis gases and hydrogen at various degrees of purity

  • Italian patent N. CT2010A000013 del 09/08/2010 

3) System for the straightforward detection og energy consumptions recorded by the energy counter via optical reading

  • Italian patent N. CT2010U000009 del 09/08/2010