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Hi-Tech Industrial

We turn any engineering project into practice, from its design to the efficiency maintenance. Turnkey solutions: Our experts take care of all project engineering, from the feasibility phase to detailed and construction engineering, passing through construction and maintenance to ensure the result in terms of performance, efficiency, timing and costs.…
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Thanks to the vast experience in the industrial technical gases sector, we produce hydrogen distribution, mixing and purification systems. At our headquarters in Piano Tavola (Belpasso) we have been producing distribution, mixing and purification systems for industrial technical gases, including hydrogen, for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and other technological industries and…
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We build embedded solutions for energy production, delivery, storage and processing. The electricity grid is the complex of energy transmission and distribution systems, to which production plants (active connections) and passive users (passive connections) are connected (in HV, MV and LV). Meridionale Impianti strong in the construction, in Italy and…
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Automation, for us, it means to integrate our well-established mechatronic know how via communication models and innovations supervision. By creating automation solutions, we allow industries to improve operational efficiency with minimal or reduced human intervention. We guarantee high standards of integration between the industrial skills required with a high technology…
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System Integrator

We work to replace arms with brains. Industry 4.0 for us means providing integrated solutions for industrial automation using the most advanced technologies, the result of consolidated experience in over 40 years of activity. Our internal design office is made up of professionals with a wide range of skills and…
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