Thanks to the vast experience in the industrial technical gases sector, we produce hydrogen distribution, mixing and purification systems.
At our headquarters in Piano Tavola (Belpasso) we have been producing distribution, mixing and purification systems for industrial technical gases, including hydrogen, for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and other technological industries and research centers for over 40 years.
In the hydrogen sector, in addition to traditional distribution systems (GC and WMB), we also produce: mixing systems, in particular with methane, for the production of hydromethane; on-site systems for the production of Hydrogen by electrolysis; systems for the recovery and purification of hydrogen from industrial waste.
Hydrogen, the sustainable energy carrier

Green hydrogen generation systems

Green hydrogen production plants with PEM electrolysers integrated with fuel cell purification systems. Modular and expandable system complete with renewable energy production plant.

Shelters for green hydrogen generation

Hydrogen recovery systems from industrial waste through purification processes (PSA), storage and reuse.

Purification systems

Hydrogen purification systems based on highly selective palladium membranes for hydrogen, allow you to purify hydrogen up to 99.9999%

Sistemi di purificazione

Sistemi di purificazione di idrogeno basati su membrane al Palladio altamente selettive per l’idrogeno, consentono di purificare l’idrogeno fino al 99,9999%